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Bonn Park Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered what happens to your Blue Box recyclables after it leaves your curb?

On this episode of Bonn Park, coordinator Kathleen Barsoum takes Sara Geidlinger and Marshall Ward on an eye-opening behind-the-scenes tour of the landfill and sorting centre at the Region of Waterloo Waste Management plant.
“The secret is in the sorting and good recycling practices start at home,” says Barsoum.
“There are good success stories out there that are not being reported on and we are one of them. Here in the Region of Waterloo, over 90% of the collected Blue Box material gets recycled.”
Recycling is a proud tradition in Waterloo Region, as the first-ever curbside Blue Box program started in Kitchener in 1983, and now millions all over the world are recycling.
Join us for a fun and informative chat with Barsoum as SHE shares her enthusiasm for sorting with lots of tips for residents, Blue Box bloopers, and the imperative role we all play in environmental stewardship.