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Bonn Park Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Peter is a Vice President and Senior Hydrogeologist for MTE, a leading provider of engineering consulting services in Waterloo Region. 

He has more than 30 years of experience in various types of projects ranging from international to domestic hydrogeologic assignments, including soil and contaminant investigations, to the exploration/development and protection of communal groundwater and surface water supplies. 

A recipient of numerous awards, Gray is one of the founding directors and served as the volunteer president of the Children’s Water Education Council (CWEC), a 2001 registered, non-profit charitable organization that(through its predecessor) in 1994 initiated the first Children’s Groundwater Festival and then expanded the model across the province, where now more than 800,000 children from Windsor to Thunder Bay to Ottawa have learned about a wide variety of water-based issues and concepts beyond the classroom.

On Bonn Park with Sara Geidlinger and Marshall Ward, Gray shares fascinating insight on the development of the “beyond the classroom” model of teaching students, along with assessing the impacts of various contaminants on groundwater and surface water resources across Canada and the United States, and places like Malawi, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asia.