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Bonn Park Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

Owner of Iron Horse Tattoo, Tristan Everett has been creating gorgeous, intricate textures and hyper-realistic designs in his clean and welcoming tattoo parlour in uptown Waterloo for the past five years.

With a focus on black and grey realism, Everett honed his craft as an apprentice at Power House Tattoos in Kitchener, working under renowned tattoo artist Grove Turtle. 
“Grove showed me what needs to be considered when it comes to longevity and what kind of work will stand the test of time,” he said. 
Now working alongside his talented wife Kim, who started her apprenticeship in 2019, Everett has built up a steady flow of clients and a long waiting list at Iron Horse Tattoo with his stunning visual artistry and stellar reputation in Waterloo Region. 
On Bonn Park with Sara Geidlinger and Marshall Ward, Everett talks about communicating and collaborating with customers, style and self-expression, and honouring the ancient art of tattooing.