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Bonn Park Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Jill Zappitelli, President of H2R Business Solutions is a human resource professional and recipient of the 2021 K-W Oktoberfest Women of the Year Award.

Sara and Marshall sit down with Zappitelli to talk about effective human resources guidance and solutions, authenticity, and how HR is becoming increasingly...

Nov 17, 2021

Sauce master Alan Charlebois is the creator of Ruckus Foods in Cambridge, and a member of the three-piece hard rock band Vultures Playing Ruckus.

He talks with Sara and Marshall this week about his badass, fiery and flavourful small-batch hot sauces, performing in a power trio, and finding happiness.

Ruckus Foods


Nov 12, 2021

Mike Farwell of CityNews 570 returns to Bonn Park to chat with Sara and Marshall about The Mike Farwell Show, early ‘80s hockey memories, and his whirlwind Farwell4Hire campaign in support of cystic fibrosis research.

The Mike Farwell Show

Bonn Park


Erb & Good

Sonny's Drive In

The Wine Cellar


Nov 10, 2021

Chef, author, world traveller and culinary nomad Aaron Clyne joins Sara and Marshall to talk about his new cookbook Travel, Eat, Repeat, the path to becoming a chef, and the cultural significance of the noodle.

Travel Eat Repeat

Bonn Park


Taco Farm

Gina's Spa

Heartbeat Hot Sauce

Maison Orphee


Nov 3, 2021

Jay Leonard is a veteran musician who has created a new app called Social Kindred that promotes live music in Waterloo Region.

On Bonn Park with Sara and Marshall, Leonard talks about concert promotion and venues, the live music scene of the ‘90s, and his bands Romeo Sex Fighter, and The Gaes.

The Social Kindred