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Bonn Park Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

Julia Spiegl is an artist, poet, and reiki practitioner. In our year-end episode of Bonn Park, Julia sits down with Sara and Marshall for a deep and sharing conversation about breaking points, thresholds, rock climbing, universal energy, and love. And how we can do whatever we want.

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Dec 21, 2022

Joe Mancini is the director and co-founder of The Working Centre for the past 40 years and a member of the Order of Canada. He chats with Sara and Marshall about commitment and gratitude, meaningful work and creating a narrative, St. John’s Kitchen, the drug economy, and believing in the message of community.  



Dec 14, 2022

Tamara Louks is an arts management professional and co-owner of The Aunties Dandelion, a media arts organization and collective of storytellers. Sara and Marshall talk with Louks about advocating for creative communities, celebrating the arts, and the Grand River Film Festival.  


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Dec 7, 2022

Dr. Mary Wells, the Dean of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, sits down with Sara and Marshall to talk about storytelling and women in engineering, gender gaps in physics, and the importance of role models and creating community connections.  


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Nov 30, 2022

The Sex Workers’ Action Network (SWAN) of Waterloo Region is composed of individuals, including those with lived experience, agencies, and groups committed to supporting sex workers in Waterloo Region. Sara and Marshall speak with Willow Gaudette about education, advocacy, action, the importance of language, and Bad...