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Bonn Park Podcast

May 6, 2020

Jeff Chard is a history and social sciences teacher, and the head of the history department at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School in Waterloo. 

A recipient of several teaching excellence awards, Chard is a Holocaust educator who has presented at numerous conferences, museums, and events throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. 
He is also a 30-year veteran of the local music scene who formed such bands as Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Anti Socials, Funkchannel, The Marlins, id vs. superego, and most recently, the indie rock group The Means of Production. 
Chard, whose music has received worldwide exposure through MTV, said his lyricism can express darkness but always with a “glass-half-full” core.
In a wide-ranging conversation with Sara Geidlinger and Marshall Ward on Bonn Park, Chard speaks at length about the rare magic that happens when diverse musicians work as a cohesive team, Holocaust education, and the consequences of action — and inaction — amid crimes against humanity.