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Bonn Park Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

In the second episode of Bonn Park’s two-part series called Girls for Change, brought to you by Google Waterloo, Marshall and Sara chat with Leya Oommen, an award-winning Grade 10 student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute. She discusses the Technovation project she partnered on with fellow student Ellen Brisley.

We also meet Maya Elkibbi, who teaches Grade 7 and 8 math and science at K-W Bilingual and has a PhD in Geophysics. Elkibbi is a recipient of the University of Waterloo’s Teaching Excellence Award in Mathematics.

Liz Hofer, a current grad student in computing at McMaster University,

discusses the gender gap that remains in much of science, and talks about the work that still needs to be done to overcome longstanding systemic barriers.