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Bonn Park Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

Paige Warner is a Waterloo region-based singer-songwriter with a powerhouse voice and an artistry beyond her years. 

Marshall Ward and Sara Geidlinger sit down with her for an in-depth conversation about writing, recording, and her catchy new single, I Don’t Need Boys, with its fun and sassy message of empowerment, and nearly 15,000 streams on Spotify.

“I wanted this song to be very easy to digest because it does tackle quite a serious and relatable topic,” said the 22-year-old musician from Heidelberg. “The happiness the song conveys shows the between-the-lines message that I am perfectly happy and content in life, rather than a message of bitterness or anger toward boys.”

On Bonn Park, Warner performs a couple songs live in studio and said she sees a growing trend of strong, confident, genuine female artists in pop music today.

“Artists like H.E.R., Jessie Reyez, Billie Eilish, and Kehlani all came onto the scene with such distinct sounds and boldness,” she said. “I also have so much respect for artists like Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga who are working to change people’s mindsets and spread acceptance and positivity in the world.”

Although Warner has not achieved the fame of those inspirations — not yet, anyway — we believe her music is every bit as captivating as theirs.


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