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Bonn Park Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Video game guru and Youtube sensation, SeeJayAre may just have the largest number of video games in Canada, with nearly 6,000 games and over 100 systems in his collection.

Scrounging garage sales with his young sons, flea markets, thrift stores, Craigslist, and Kijiji for the past 10 years, practically 95 percent of his collection was found in the wild.

“I buy big bundles of video games, keep what I need, flip the rest and put that money back in the collection,” SeeJayAre said in his Game Room Tour 2020 on his Youtube channel.

On Bonn Park, Marshall Ward and Sara Geidlinger sat down with SeeJayAre for an in-depth chat about the thrill of the hunt, building an audience, retrogaming, and his extraordinary game room that looks like a 20th century pop-culture museum, with the sights and sounds of a bright, noisy arcade.

With SeeJayAre, we reminisce nostalgically about classic games and consoles like Dreamcast, Vectrex, and the old Atari 2600 system, and how much the graphics and gameplay have changed drastically over the years.

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